Final Project:Manual/Guide to Klingon Rituals

Final Project & Portfolio (40%) The Brief

Manual/Guide to Klingon Rituals

Duration of Assignment

6 Weeks (Briefing on Week 8)


Week 13 (3 July 2017) Printed Manual Week 14 (10 July 2017) Online Manual


You are required to design a ‘Manual’ based on the given fictitious topic but within the field of creativity. It should be referenced and the information regarding the Klingon rituals must be legitimate with actual references from either books or online. You will need to brainstorm ideas on the topic chosen, content of the manual, look & feel, concept, typography as well as the manual’s name.

You have to take into account the best approaches in designing the identity and branding of the manual. Define the purpose or function of the layout, the manual’s audience, and the information that needs to be communicated. In order to visualize this task, you will be need to be creative and selective in the application of relevant elements for your manual design. (ie. design and layout, color palette and treatment, grid system, visuals and typography).

The manual should have at least 16 pages but not more than 32 altogether, including the front cover, content, editor’s note & credits, contributors and resource credits, main feature, review/shorts, single page spread and back cover. Advertising space is optional. A detailed research on the chosen topic is essential and project management skills are vital in order to secure successful completion of this project.

The final manual should contain information and visuals in order to communicate with the target audiences. You are responsible in every aspect of its pre-production and production including research, concept, content, design elements and the final execution. Remember, you must establish unity across the entire format as identity and concept is essential to a manual’s representation. Successful manual layouts must not only be legible and readable, it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as able to offer information in a creative and often conceptualized manner.

You will be guided through lectures, demonstrations, tutorials and feedback sessions throughout the duration of the project in response to the design process of designing a manual. This includes masthead design, thumbnail sketching, drafting and refining layouts as well as final proofing. You will use Adobe InDesign in your execution of the manual’s layout and design. Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop is a must.


The size of the manual must be A4. You are required to print the manual layout in full colour and assemble a realistic mock-up for final submission. Subsequently the manual will be digitized and uploaded online. Please credit all sources where necessary.

Additionally, you must document your entire design process as your portfolio submission. This includes but are not limited to:


Research conducted for this project including visual, articles, edited visuals, notes, photographs, mood boards, references, typography, grid system etc.

Concept development

Brainstorm sheets together with notes and sketches or any evidence of formatting, conceptualizing as well as putting content into perspective. Include also a rational on the name chosen as well as

the identity and branding of the manual.

Idea generation

Initial thumbnails, plans, sketches, draft layouts that document the visualization of the concept chosen as well as the pace of the manual. Evidence of typographic exploration documenting the process of refining the manual’s typographic identity, layout and grid system.

Design development

Document the process you undertook to produce your project including layouts, refined ideas, pre finals as well as final proofs. Including notes in your layout to justify the design decisions you’ve made along the way is recommended.

Final Artwork

Your final manual/guide must demonstrate your solution for the brief.


  1. 16-24 page manual of a professional finishing and quality not only in look but also in content.
  2. Research and design process filed chronologically, in an A3 portfolio.
  3. Design report on e portfolio.
  4. Online manual.
  5. CD archiving .indd and .pdf files.


  1. To develop students knowledge and understanding in print media.
  2. To develop students ability to create layout for a different application and experience.
  3. To develop students familiarity with the dynamics of design and its components.
  4. To develop students confidence in working through the design process
  5. To develop students time and project management skills.

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Project 2 The Brief Brochure Design

Project 2 (30%) The Brief

Brochure Design

Duration of Assignment

4 Weeks (Briefing on week 4)


Week 8 (22 May 2017)


You will conceptualise, design and produce a brochure to visit the Klingon homeworld. There are plenty of references for text online but you will have to display creativity in the execution of visual dynamics with text and page layout. Conceptualize an appropriate setting for the design of the brochure and take information from there to create more design details. For example, to accompany an artshow, background information on a play, etc.

You will tell the story connected to the topic as a brochure of no more than 8 pages. The brochure must contain a cover, the article, visuals, information as well as a back cover. The execution of this brochure is an introduction and exercise to formatting and arranging a large body of text to provide a clear and informative physical representation of the topic given.

As you progress, lectures, tutorials and discussions will support your understanding of this design area. It is important that you develop an in-depth understanding of publishing design through analyzing the linear manner a brochure communicates information and ideas to its reader. You will use Adobe InDesign in your execution of the brochure layout. Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop is a must.

Finally, you shall explore how to digitally publish your brochure online. As this is an experimentation in progress, it shall be a learning process done during contact hours with your lecturer. The aim would be to successfully publish the brochure online.


The size of the brochure will be no larger than A4 (when folded) for considerations of economy. You may use any colour of your choice, full-colour if necessary, for the communication of the topic. You may be resourceful to acquire visuals from different sources but ensure that you credit these sources accordingly. The work is compiled chronologically in an A3 Folio and documented on the students’ e portfolio.


  1. 8 page brochure in colour/black and white of a good standard of crafting.
  2. Research and design process filed chronologically, in an A3 folio.
  3. Design report on e portfolio.
  4. Digital publication of brochure.


  1. To develop students ability to produce layout of a good standard.
  2. To develop students ability to create a suitable grid system that allows them flexibility.
  3. To develop students understanding of the relationship between text and image.
  4. To develop students ability to manage a large body of information while prioritizing

    aesthetics and function.

  5. To develop students discovery of the digital publishing platform.

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Project 1:The Brief Page Layout Design

PB P1 webProject 1 (20%) The Brief

Page Layout Design

Duration of Assignment

2 Weeks (Briefing on Week 1)


Week 4 (17 April 2017)


You are to design a newspaper with a suitable Klingon name (ie. Name: Kapla!, Newspaper name: KAPLA!). You may use a copy text or write the text yourself. Similarly with visuals, you are to be creative in its selection, manipulation as well as presentation.

Design a newspaper front page layout in A3 containing two news items. The Main News should contain a headline, a subhead, body copy and one visual with a caption. The topic will be on yourself, specifically your understanding of design in tandem with a selected Klingon ritual event. A Secondary News Item containing a headline, and body copy (visual are optional).

You will be guided through lectures, demonstrations, exercises, tutorials aimed at developing your understanding of the practical employment of publication design principles. You will apply the knowledge and skills of Typography acquired to explore and implement the fundamentals of page layout at incrementally challenging levels, culminating in the production of a A3 sized newspaper front page layout. This project will also introduce the use of Adobe InDesign. Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop is needed.


The work is compiled chronologically in an A3 Folio and documented on the students’ e portfolio.


  1. Two (2) A3 sized layouts in portrait and landscape mounted on foam board.
  2. Research and design process filed chronologically, in an A3 Folio.
  3. Design report on e portfolio.


  1. To develop students sensitivity to typography, grid and layout.
  2. To develop students understanding of the hierarchy of information.
  3. To develop students ability to communicate visually.


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Discover the sunny and glorious side of your life, all year long in a unspoiled islands of Jajvam. Scattered like tiny flourish white pearls in Qo’noS Ocean, the Jajvam islands provide you the most spectacular and natural underwater life. Indulge yourself in the most water-based hotels, relieving every inch stress you gained on the glorious battle fields. Every encounter here is an opportunity to a new open world, a world awaiting your spiritual conquering. Travel With A Soft Head.



Strictly Klingonese  is allowed, or you risk being punched to death.


Talons are widely accepted, with some shops available for online banks.


Qo’noS’s tourism visa is required for other Klingon citizens outside the mother star.


We apply the Qo’noS central time, two hours ahead of the Klingon official time.


There is only summer in Jajvam

The 5-Klin plugs are accepted.

Plug Type:

Travel Insuranc se: Since Jajvam is famous for both casual and heavy entertainment, we recommend a full life insurance.beach_resort_sunset-5120x2880.jpg


How to Survive with Diginity in Jajvam

“Jajvam has only one drawback. ’Tis hard to leave, both mentally and physically.” —QamuSHa Dullan

In 2017 nearly 100,000 proud Klingons flooded Jajvam’s Heezbla-Ashbury neighborhood, which is now known as the business street of Jajvam, creating a movement now dubbed the Summer of Love. Eight decades later, travelers

began to head to the Jajvam Beach, to experience what’s different from any other cities in the empire. After the Apocalypse Age and the Time of Conquering in the following centuries, although other parts of the Klingon Empire changed over periods of time, Jajvam still keeps the initial essence and spirit of being a Klingon, as well as the casual and traveling experience for all honorable Klingons. Nowadays, Jajvam stands for the heritage of culture, and a soul keeper of each and every one of us.WebsiteKlingonCityCompleteWithCGFX.jpg


The Most Attractive and Bloody Road Rampage in Klingon



Bisneyland, into the Wild

Explore the best Bisneyland Resort in all imperial realm with only 3,000 Talon and a 20% promotion. Spend 36 hours a day in the wildest boy-fun-land in Jajvam, with wilderness learning to capture eatable worms in real life situation.

Regional Theatre

The Regional Theatre is a theatre in Jajvam City associated with the famous drama writer, Shakessword Quoi’op. It was built in 2017  on the then small colony of Jajvam, also a military bunker. An additional wing of the Regional Theatre was built on the same site by June 2038. You may enjoy all possible famous Shakessword plays in the Regional Theatre, along with free Gagh worm set available for the first 300 tourists.

Cosmos Studio

The Cosmos Studio is a film studio and theme park in the Jajvam City. It is one of the oldest and most famous Qo’nos film studios still in use to film all the bloody and glorious films within the empire. Here in Cosmos Studio(Jajvam), you are able to explore the true warrior spirit through the magnificent 12D technology, or be a small king if you would prefer. Come to Cosmos Studio on special holidays and get a gift specially prepared for you.




The Most Attractive and Bloody Road Rampage in Klingon

Engaged with local communities, we provide the roads of glory that are tucked into some of the planet’s most dangerous and exciting wildest places.

Kill as many as you can, without being punished by the Great Law in a Road Rampage,and win a prize of 3,000 Talons as well as a night of glamor.b655e5aeca53c936a43f86a34214933c--star-trek-klingon-science-fiction


Four Must Tries in Jajvam

From upscale dinning to casual beverage, Jajvam provides the special and unique eating experience you will never forget. Eat and drink your way to paradise.


Pipius claw

Pipius claw,or pIpyus pach, is a type of popular Klingon food, made from the claw of a pipius. It is not served live, but rather the dead pipius is torn into multiple pieces which are then marinated. As the famous Klingon saying goes,  “If you want to eat pipius claw, you’ll have to break a few pipiuses.”This is a reminder that you have to take actions if you want to achieve your goals. But here in Jajvam, enjoy the Pipius claw more easily.


Gagh, also known as ghargh, is a worm that is prized by Klingons as a live food. It is perhaps the most representative in all Klingon and certainly the best known outside of the Empire. Pink worms harvested from beneath the beach, each of them dancing in your bowl, waiting for you to mercifully chew them into pieces and pies. Our gagh is most special for its dynamic life, which will impress every bit of inch of your tongue.


Racht is also a Klingon dish involving live worms, a smaller version of gagh.  The most enjoyed way of eating racht is with Grapok sauce, a special kind of raw blood source mixed with dragoon urine that reminds you of your bloodthirsty, your strength as well as your glory. Candied version of racht is available in the Garonok Mall here at Jajvam.


Raktajino, commonly referred to as “Klingon coffee”, is actually a blend of coffee and ra’taj liquer. Raktajino is served steamed or iced. In Jajvam, we provide the freshest Raktajino in all empire. Cultivated freshly after your immediate order, our coffee is bitter than bit, which touches the softest part of your head.


Leave Every Talon in Jajvam

Leave Every Talon in Jajvam

he business street in Jajvam provides everything you can possibly think of, from acta crystal to ludugial gold, from delicious live worms to greasy pipius  claws, from the Jedi’s swords to the Hypercube.  As one of the few duty-free zone in our glorious empire, we encourage you to buy anything you need in Jajvam city. Free shipping is provided to those who spent literally every Talon.

Garonok, the Biggest Shopping Mall in All Klingon Territories.

Here in Garonok, things are just possible. As the biggest shopping mall, Garonok provides every thing you can possibly think of, and anything you may have never imagined in your hard head. For visitors of Qo’nos citizenship and imperial colonies, we provide a overall 10% off for everything. Just enjoy shopping, while you still can.tumblr_static_3STO_Qonos_Desktop_Wide_3360x1050

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